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Most businesses are working with less money, want their investment envelopes to work harder, realize results, but can’t invest in staff resources. Outsourcing part-time, contract or just-in-time work or leadership is where we come in.


Some factors used to determine pricing are whether the assignment is strategic, or deliverable based:

  • How much skill is needed over what time?
  • How complex is the assignment?
  • Does the assignment require guidance, coaching, or oversight of the plan and strategy development?
  • How much expertise and experience is required to plan and execute really well and deliver results?
  • What value do you place on the assignment? What does success look like to you?
  • What makes the most sense: project-based fee, retainer or hourly rate?
  • Is the requirement an on demand assignment for a term longer than three months?
  • What travel is required?
  • Will the assignment require additional investment, i.e. research or specialized skills?

Outcomes-Based Strategic Services

Coaching & Planning

  • Brand Strategy & Development
  • Campaign Development & Briefs
  • Change Communications
  • Communication Audits
  • Communication Planning
  • Community Engagement
  • Content Management & Optimization
  • Go-to-Market Strategies for New Produce/Service Launches
  • Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Development
  • Integrated Public Relations Plan Development
  • Internal Employee Communications Strategies
  • Issue Strategies
  • Reputation Management Strategies
  • Social Media Channel Strategy & Policy Development
  • Sponsorship Strategies
  • Stakeholder Relations

Contract Negotiations

  • Marketing Agency & Vendor Procurement Contracts
  • Partnership Contracts
  • Sponsorship Contracts


  • Key Performance Scorecard Tracking & Reporting
  • Market Research Planning & Data Interpretation
  • Media Plan Optimization
  • ROI Analysis for Marketing & Social Campaigns

Output-Based Deliverables Development

Internal/External Communications

  • Annual Reports
  • Community Management
  • Corporate Materials
  • Customer Communications
  • Digital / Web Production
  • Employee Communications
  • Newsletters
  • Presentations & Speeches
  • Press Releases / Kits
  • Proposal & Request For Proposal Writing
  • Sales Tool Kits & Collateral

Event Experience Capabilities

  • Activation & Collection Events
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Board Meetings
  • Consultations & Working Group Meetings
  • Hospitality & VIP
  • Interactive & Virtual
  • Pre-Promotion
  • Press Events
  • Sponsorships
  • Surveys (Pre- & Post-Reporting)
  • Tradeshows